Expert decision process methodology

What is the EXPERT DECISION making process?

The expert decision making process is a simple methodology for individuals to learn and strengthen their ability to critically think through business decisions.

In order to maximize your ability to make strong decisions, ask yourself the following questions that follow the EXPERT methodology.

E – Expertise

Does this opportunity fit within our niche EXPERTISE?

X – Customer Experience

Can our team confidently deliver and maintain our standards for providing an exceptional CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE?

P – People

Do we have the right PEOPLE in place to intentionally execute?

E – Expenses

How does this impact our EXPENSES? Does it fall within our budget?

R – Return on Investment

When will we recognize an ROI? This year or in the future?

T – Time

Is this the right TIME based on all the other projects we have in motion? Will this impact the delivery time of our current active projects?

What are the benefits of making EXPERT DECISIONS?

  • Improves quality of business decisions.
  • Creates a habit of critical thinking.
  • Improves ability to strategically say yes or no to potential projects.
  • Builds confidence by streamlining thought processes and simplifying critical reviews.
  • Opens up necessary discussion topics to improve cross department collaboration.